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TerrY Petrovich

Like other Marines, TerrY exemplifies camaraderie, Esprit de Corps and selflessness. Combined with a strong work ethic and tenacity, he strives to offer exceptional service to each one of his clients. He would tell you that his military experience uniquely equips him to navigate the often-challenging world of real estate. With relentless negotiating, strategic planning and a good understanding of risk management, analysis and finance, he loves helping his clients not just achieve, but exceed their real estate dreams and goals. Driven and focused, you can be sure that TerrY has your back, and like his fellow Marines, is trustworthy and able to accomplish every mission with integrity and as a cohesive team.

Among several other military as well as civilian certifications, TerrY also earned an MBA from the University of Phoenix (graduating Magna Cum Laude), was awarded 3rd Place Realtor in 2016 from the Honolulu Star Advertiser and has numerous personal military awards for exceptional service and sacrifice to our Corps. He has worked in the US Senate and continues to pour into and work with various Commands on the military bases. For the last 24 years, he and his wife have invited single Marines, Sailors, Airmen, Soldiers and Guardsman to their home during the holidays providing a way out of the barracks and an opportunity to be amongst family and friends. He has moved five times in his military career and as a result, is also able to offer relocation expertise to his military acquaintances and clientele.

When TerrY takes the time to relax and have a little “down” time, he loves to ski, ride dirt bikes and read about geography or history. He also loves listening to his children – both accomplished classical pianists – make beautiful music. Family is top priority for TerrY with camping or hiking and playing games together being some of their favorite activities. Essentially, God, family, and all things the Marine Corps - motive TerrY each day to do and be better.

As you might imagine, life as a Marine provided TerrY with many interesting travel destinations…over 65 countries in fact! His favorite? Japan. Most memorable? Jerusalem. And when it comes to inspiration, he doesn’t look much further than Nick Vujicic, a motivational and spiritual speaker born with no arms or legs. TerrY has the privilege of meeting Nick at Hope Church in Honolulu Hawaii. Facing adversity every day, Nick has overcome many of his limitations and helps others do the same.

TerrY is most proud of his wife and two children. Their daughter "Ky" is a former Army Dental Specialist who did her tour and is now travelling the country. Their son Branden is a Navy Corpsmen stationed with the Marines in Iwakuni, Japan. They are extremely close with unbreakable bonds. In Hawaii, they have created "The Petrovich Foundation for Homeless Teens", which they hope will help homeless teens stay in school until graduation, so they have a better chance at a good future. In Colorado, they support Homeless Women with Children by donating 10% of their net profits on every real estate transaction.

Words that TerrY lives by: “Integrity is everything - the measure of a person! Without it, you earn no respect and gain nothing!”

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